10 tips to keep you healthy and fit as a senior


Growing old is inevitable, and this happens as each day passes. In fact, there are a lot of “baby boomers” who are turning 65 years; thereby they become “senior boomers.” For the next 19 years, the rate of the number of “baby boomers” turning to “senior boomers” will be one in every eight seconds. However, the rate at which you age will depend on many issues, including how well you keep fit and eat healthily. As compared to years of the past, people are now becoming happily elderly. In this article, we will inform you of ten tips to keep you healthy and fit with regards to elderly care.

What are the ten tips to stay fit and be healthy?

According to an accredited doctor, there are ten easy tips for seniors to stay fit and healthy. The tips are discussed below;

Quit smoking

This is a critical step that can be used to combat aging by improving your general health. By smoking, your skin is bound to wrinkle faster because it attacks skin elasticity. In men, smoking can cause erectile dysfunction. In addition to that, smoking can cause cancer, heart failure, and stroke. All these are not good for your health if you want to live longer.

Keeping active

Every day, you should strive to do something that maintains your strength, flexibility, and balance. It should be an exercise that you enjoy. By doing that, you will have your weight in check, reduce stress, sleep better and above all you will be preventing your body from various diseases.

Eating wellshutterstock180196922cr

In addition to keeping active, eating well is another way for you to remain healthy. By doing this, diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and some heart diseases can be prevented.

Managing stress

Stress is not good for your health. You can stay stress-free by performing relaxation exercises like yoga or meditation, socializing a lot and practicing positive thinking.

Fanning the flame

Age should not come in your way of intimacy and sex. You should learn about the physical changes and get suggestions from professionals if need be.

Regular check-ups

You should also get regular dental, vision and hearing checkups. When taken good care, these organs will serve you for as long as you live.

Preventing falls

This is another way to ensure your well-being. However, the more you age, the more you become vulnerable to falls. The chances of you falling can be prevented by removing loose carpets, keeping paths clear of cables like those of electricity and wearing shoes.

Immunization and health screening

Portrait of two senior females running outdoors

You should always be up to date with your immunization dates and have a regular health screening. During visits to your doctor, you should seek advice on the best screenings to take and the vaccines to receive too. Additionally, it might be a good idea to hire an elderly caregiver to assist you with this.

Weight maintenance

By gaining extra weight, you become vulnerable to diseases like those of the heart, high blood pressure, and diabetes. In that case, you should always strive to check your weight

Preventing skin cancer

As you age, your skin becomes lighter, therefore, becomes vulnerable to skin cancer. You should there take preventive measures like not exposing your skin to too much sunlight.


Getting old is inevitable. However, there are healthy tips that you can practice to keep you fit and thereby be able to live longer. Some of the tips are discussed above.