Marketing Your Appliance Business on the Internet

As a business owner, it is certain that you are aware of the importance of marketing. However, most small business owners are not able to grow their internet presence since they lack knowledge on the steps that one should take. It is not fair for such companies to spend highly on yellow pages and print ads in newspapers.

This article highlights three free methods that small business owners can use to increase their online presence. Let’s dive in!

Free Marketing Method 1: create a Facebook fan page

Unlike in the past where Facebook fan pages were regarded as a novelty, today they are the most frequently used to advertise brands; whether small or large. In fact, companies now prefer to promote their Facebook pages rather than their websites. You may have noted that large corporations such as Ford will have a phrase on their site that goes, ”visit our Facebook page” or something close to that.

Many will wonder why there is a lot of emphasis on Facebook. How can Facebook influence small business marketing? This query may be answered in many ways; I prefer to tell a story for easier understanding. Imagine you attend a party and arrive early. When waiting for others to come, you survey the room. There are several beautiful pictures on the walls that tell a lot about your host; but nothing about why the party is taking place.

After waiting for several hours of waiting in loneliness, you figure out that nobody else is attending the party. I know you are probably wondering why I am talking about parties. Well, the party here is your websites. While sites are good at offering information, there is little room for interaction; and even if there is, it does not happen in real time.

Facebook is ideal since it allows communication in real time between you and your clients, and between the clients. Your customers assist in spreading the word about your business that informing the new clients who may have queries. In other words, it is like being in a sweet party with cool kids, and all of them want to speak to you.

If you do not have a Facebook fan page yet, it is high time you created one!

Free marketing method 2: blogging for your business

Apart from having a Facebook fan page, you also need to blog. A blog can be described simply as a kind of website that allows you to post articles in order. They are not difficult to setup and sites such as offers free blogs. However, you can also install your customized blog software.businesses-marketing

Blogs are essential since they allow individuals to post fresh content which is likely to get your site to be ranked for better terms. Companies such as Ben’s Appliances use web blogs properly and see great advantages from this. This is specifically vital for local businesses since it is much easier to rank for keywords when one has a descriptive phrase. For instance, if I wish to rank for my brand, it is not hard since there is not much competition

I have a blog where I can post articles on the topic

Google likes such posts since the page creates blogs that are exclusively optimized for my blog. Blogs can help solve the scenario of having a party without guests since it is possible to include Facebook comments on your blog. This may be a bit complex, but web designers can help out.

Free marketing method 3: find free small business leads using Twitter

This is an effective way for small businesses especially those that do not mind looking and reaching out to clients. Many business owners wait for clients to find them. Thus, when you reach out, you will be ten steps ahead of other business owners.

Here is how this strategy works. Several people are on Twitter thus you can reach to a broad population. The site allows individuals to post regarding what they are doing. If you do not have an account at the site, just visit to sign up. It is advisable to use your name so that you seem to be more real. Worry not for signing up is free.

Social Media speech bubble on white background.

Upon registration, you are free to communicate with other Twitter users. I know you are wondering who you will talk to on Twitter; relax.

You will visit this page:

Search for phrases or words that potential clients might say. The good part regarding Twitter is that people enjoy complaining there over minor things. For instance, one may write, “dang it! My car just broke down. I am disappointed!”

The frustrated Twitter user is a potential client to a mechanic. If you are one, you may want to contact the individual and offer them a free checkup or whichever other useful strategies. The good thing is that, before you do your search, you can type the postal code area where you need to do your search. Thus, if you are in Dayton Florida, you can see posts from people who are not even in Dayton. Isn’t this cool?